Identity Theft 101 – Dumpster Diving

Identity Theft 101


I found a great resource on the life lock website: The site defines Identity theft,  the latest ways people steal it, data by state and other pertinent  articles.  While the sites purpose is to sell lifelock  services , it does not strong arm you into buying anything.  It is very easy to navigate and a great resource on the topic of identity theft. The following are a few excerpts from the site:



Dumpster Diving

Despite all the high-tech innovations and advancements available to identity thieves, old-fashioned “dumpster diving” – literally digging through your trash – remains a popular method for stealing large amounts of your personal information.


Will thieves really go through your garbage?

Absolutely. Why? Because Americans receive over 4 million tons of junk mail each year1, and much of this mail – such as pre-approved credit cards, credit card bills, and bank statements – includes your personal information. Dumpster-diving identity thieves root through your trash because they know the documents you discard as garbage contain personal identity information that can be spun into gold when used in a variety of illegal manners.

How big of a threat is Dumpster Diving?

Identity theft remains one of the fastest-growing crimes in America2, and, based on the reports of identity theft victims, it was claimed that 88% of the information collected by thieves was obtained through dumpster diving.3                                 

The lifelock  site also has a great interactive map. Simply click on your city and state to view pertinent information as it relates to identity theft & fraud in your area


Identity Theft & Fraud in Indiana

National Rank for Identity Theft Complaints

Number of identity theft complaints in 2011.

Top three identity theft types:

  • Government documents or benefits fraud
  • Phone or utilities fraud
  • Credit card fraud

I hope this article was of interest to you.  I give this site a thumbs up!

Colo. waitress gets own stolen ID when carding patron

 white lady



Take a look at this shocking story reported on Fox News where a waitress working in a restaurant asked a patron for ID to verify her age and then received the shock of a life time. When the waitress looked at the license that she was given she realized that it was actually her license that had been stolen a month ago.   


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Identity Theft – In The Movies

The movie “Identity Thief “ is a fun, light hearted view of what can happen to a person who has had his Identity stolen and to be quite honest the trailer and the movie are hilarious. Unfortunately, when it happens in real life, it is no laughing matter. In the USA an identity is stolen every three seconds.

So what are some things you can do to protect yourself?

In the movie the ID was stolen with a simple phone call. If you receive a call from someone who states that they are calling as a fraud alert agent:

  1. Look at your caller ID, the name of the financial institution should be displayed.
  2. The caller should state the name of the financial institution that issued the card along with the last four digits on the card that has been compromised.
  3. A legitimate agent will not ask for your social security number.
  4. If you are at all suspicious simply write down the information, ask for a number that you can call and then call the fraud prevention and detection department yourself.

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