Good News from Target!

Target to offer free credit monitoring to all guests.  I don’t  know about you, but I was very happy  to hear this  news and as soon as the details are released ,   we will post it on our blog” Protect”.  As they say , “better safe than sorry”.   We will continue to monitor the Target web page and as soon as we have  more details , we will post it on our blog.



Target to offer free credit monitoring to all guests


January 10, 2014

We understand our guests are eager to sign up for free credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

More details will be coming next week including specific instructions on how to enroll. In the meantime, please know that the sign-up period will extend for three months so that all interested guests will have plenty of time to register. Our contact centers have no additional information to share until the service is launched; as soon as information is available, we will share it here.

“We know this incident has been a confusing and stressful time for our guests, and for that we apologize,” said Scott Kennedy, president, Finance and Retail Services, Target. “We hope this offer provides them with additional peace of mind.”

The service, which will be available to all guests who shopped our U.S. stores, will include a complimentary credit report, daily credit monitoring, identity theft insurance where available, and access to personalized assistance.

Guests who sign up for free credit monitoring should continue to monitor their accounts and report any unusual or suspicious activity to their bank. We also want to remind guests that they have zero liability for the cost of any fraudulent charges arising from the breach.


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