Identity Theft 101 – Dumpster Diving

Identity Theft 101


I found a great resource on the life lock website: The site defines Identity theft,  the latest ways people steal it, data by state and other pertinent  articles.  While the sites purpose is to sell lifelock  services , it does not strong arm you into buying anything.  It is very easy to navigate and a great resource on the topic of identity theft. The following are a few excerpts from the site:



Dumpster Diving

Despite all the high-tech innovations and advancements available to identity thieves, old-fashioned “dumpster diving” – literally digging through your trash – remains a popular method for stealing large amounts of your personal information.


Will thieves really go through your garbage?

Absolutely. Why? Because Americans receive over 4 million tons of junk mail each year1, and much of this mail – such as pre-approved credit cards, credit card bills, and bank statements – includes your personal information. Dumpster-diving identity thieves root through your trash because they know the documents you discard as garbage contain personal identity information that can be spun into gold when used in a variety of illegal manners.

How big of a threat is Dumpster Diving?

Identity theft remains one of the fastest-growing crimes in America2, and, based on the reports of identity theft victims, it was claimed that 88% of the information collected by thieves was obtained through dumpster diving.3                                 

The lifelock  site also has a great interactive map. Simply click on your city and state to view pertinent information as it relates to identity theft & fraud in your area


Identity Theft & Fraud in Indiana

National Rank for Identity Theft Complaints

Number of identity theft complaints in 2011.

Top three identity theft types:

  • Government documents or benefits fraud
  • Phone or utilities fraud
  • Credit card fraud

I hope this article was of interest to you.  I give this site a thumbs up!