Considerations Regarding Identity Theft From A Financial Management Prospective Part 4

Considerations to Protect
Personal Information

  • · Avoid email providers that have a bad record on hacking.
    · Have good password policies.
    ·Consider “two step verification.”
    ·  Be careful with security questions.
    · Password/encrypt transmitted documents.
    ·  Don’t click on links in emails.
    ·  If concerned, consider a “security token” and verbal password on financial accounts (if possible).
    ·  Have good virus and malware protection. And, keep your operating system up-to-date.
    ·  Act promptly if fraud is detected to secure all accounts.
    ·  Consider a credit monitoring service.
    · Periodically review credit report.

With all of this said, the most reasonable conclusion is likely to just have a heightened sensitivity for this topic and be careful with your passwords and security questions. If you ever suspect a problem, or just want to be proactive, we can talk about initiating some of the other items.
Please feel free to call any of us if you would like to discuss.
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This review was prepared by Edward B. Aufman, CFP and William J. Gaffey, CFA.
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