Considerations Regarding Identity Theft From A Financial Management Prospective Part Three

Actions to Take In the Event of Attack
Once armed with information, an attacker can do a lot of damage very quickly… or at least a lot of inconvenience. Please let us know right away. If necessary we will notify Schwab (or provide direction for other investment accounts) to lock down the account.
Another step is to make phone calls and get fraud alerts on all other accounts. Then, put a fraud alert on the credit reports.
It will be necessary to work with the financial company to eliminate the account that was opened. Since identity theft can happen quickly, this could be a number of accounts.
It is sometimes necessary to create an “identity theft report” which is the combination of an affidavit and police report. This is used to prove that you are not obligated on the account that was illegally opened.
The credit report should be reviewed to make sure all aspects are cleaned up.

Credit Monitoring Service
A proactive measure is to use a service like LifeLock. This is a monitoring service that watches your credit report. You are alerted each time your credit report changes and you approve or disapprove of the change. If the change is wrong or is fraud / identity theft, LifeLock helps to quickly resolve the problem. The website address for LifeLock is
It also makes sense to periodically review your credit report. You can do this via LifeLock or for free at Whenever requesting a copy of the credit report, be careful not to accidentally sign up for a monitoring service that you do not want.